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Lock N Roll 2 video November 29, 2009

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Win copy Of Lock N Roll.2 app for the iPhone November 23, 2009

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Long Overdue Lock N Roll 2 has been submitted to the app-store for review

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Instructional Video February 5, 2009


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An update is on the way that will include a
new game button
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<www.CANNED-BANANAS.com.>We plan even more updates with more features soon.


Wow, there have been over 10 Million high scores submitted to our web site <click here to view high score board> be patient it loads slow and we are working on that.

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Tell us about your problems January 30, 2009

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Fixing bugs in software is basically a form of detective work: the more clues you have, the easier it is to solve the case. Usually the initial report isn’t enough, and the detective/programmer needs to do some investigation to solve the case/fix the bug.

A few people are reporting problems by writing iTunes reviews. While we are happy to receive your feedback, this isn’t the best way to report a problem, because if we have follow-up questions we have no way to contact you.

If you are having problems with the game, please send email to support@canned-bananas.com and give us as much detail as you can. For example:

  • Does the problem always occur at a particular point in the game? In response to a particular action? Only after you’ve been playing for a while?
  • Are you using an iPhone, iPhone 3G, or iPod touch?
  • How long has it been since you restarted the device? Have you tried restarting to fix the problem?
  • Do you use the iPod app to play music while you play?
  • Is your device connected to a Wi-Fi network? The cellular network? Is it in an iPhone in airplane mode?

Information like that can go a long way to helping us fix the problem and make Lock ‘n’ Roll a better game.

Also, to respond to pct1818’s review about “a white box shaped shadow that follow the dice when you try to drag them around the board”: this sounds like the highlighting that occurs to show you where you can legally drop the die you are dragging; we implemented this because, without this hint, it might not have obvious that you can drop a joker on top of another die. However, that feature has been in the game since 1.0, and you say it wasn’t there until the update, so perhaps you are seeing something else? If you’re reading this, please write to the email above so we can help sort this out.



Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro is on the way January 28, 2009

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Hello everybody,

We want you to know what’s going on with Lock ‘n’ Roll, the Canned Bananas dice puzzle game.

Last week we released an update to Lock ‘n’ Roll that included a banner ad across the top of the screen. Our original plan was to use the revenue to pay our bills (we’re not rich) while we worked on Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro, a version with no ads and a few extra features.

We honestly didn’t expect that so many of you would be upset by the ads. Because many of you have asked for it in your iTunes reviews, we decided not to wait, and have submitted an ad-free version to Apple. Once it receives their approval it will be available for download on the iTunes Store.

Our plan is to keep Lock ‘n’ Roll free and, over time, to enhance Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro by offering variations on the game and allowing you to challenge other players to beat your score with the same sequence of dice.

In the short term, however, Lock ‘n’ Roll and Lock ‘n’ Roll Pro will be exactly the same, except for the advertising.

Thanks for playing!