Lock ‘n’ Roll – iPhone Game


Instructional Video February 5, 2009


YouTube Channel shows all videos

An update is on the way that will include a
new game button
Global High Score Board >Visit our web site @


<www.CANNED-BANANAS.com.>We plan even more updates with more features soon.


Wow, there have been over 10 Million high scores submitted to our web site <click here to view high score board> be patient it loads slow and we are working on that.

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21 Responses to “Instructional Video”

  1. Top Banana Says:

    Well I have officially been knocked off all Lock “N” Roll high score board, However, “I’LL BE BAACH”

  2. DT Says:

    Would like to be able to print out the combos of the rules, but love this game!!!

  3. very good idea i’ll try and post something here that can be printed

  4. Good News, We are ready to submit a long awaited update to Lock “N” Roll.
    new to this version will be:
    Restart button- Global High score – Ad Supported – Phantom Joker Bonus- New Dice Grab Sound
    1. Restart Button– this was the number one request, we added it, although I am not in favor of restarting a new game because a big part of the game is fighting until the end, I personally have had some high scores on games that started off bad. I can see it does have its advantages, like when you want to show someone how the game works. the button will be available thru the Info button.
    2. A global High score board in the game. you may already know that the high score board is available on the web at:
    wow we are approaching 1.3 million scores in less than a month and I am continually amazed at the scores. 89,000 ? how? my top score is 23,000.
    3. The new version will be ad supported . We are making an effort to keep it free. if you see an ad you like then click thru it helps us keep it free
    4. if you have two jokers and you earn enough for a phantom third joker you will receive a 1000 pt bonus instead of the Joker
    5. we changed the grab dice sound so it is no longer scratchy

  5. mr.nick Says:

    Are high scores automatically sent to the global high score website when I hit save?

  6. Hey Mr. Nick,
    Yes, All high scores automatically sent to the global high score website.

  7. Aaron Says:

    I just made 47000 and it didn’t appear on the worldwide scores? A there a delay?

    My best score is 58000; how on earth has someone beat 100k???

  8. Aaron Says:

    Wait a minute, it just appeared when I logged in again.
    Top for last 24hrs! Yay!

  9. Awesome job, my top is only 28k

  10. Hindy Says:

    Any chance there will be a web version of this game?

  11. Mark Says:

    I’ve been playing Lock n Roll for about 2 and a half months now. It’s the only game on the Iphone that I play all the time and I’ve got no more room for apps on my phone – so that is saying something.

    My highest is 16K – but I don’t know how people get these huge scores.

    Is it just luck of the dice?

    Is there any strategy guides available?

    • The instructional video shows the basic strategy. Use the joker, Preferably in one of the middle square to take out as many chains as possible (up to 7)
      good luck and see you on the leader boards

  12. Addicted B$ Chasola Says:

    I’m addicted to this game and i’ve got at least 10 of my friends hooked… Just wanted to let it be know to watch out as i’m taking the top spot … i’m working on the top score. i’m over 150,000 it’s going to take some time…

  13. SimonSez Says:

    When are you going to start cracking down on fake high scores? For example:

    2. 204,290 Jimmylatendresse [Wed 3/18/09 6:14am] [3]
    9. 112,645 Jimmylatendresse [Tue 3/17/09 9:03pm] [3]

    Based on the times posted, even if Jimmy started his second game right after completing his first game, and played without a break for 9 hours, which is highly, highly unlikely, this means he was racking up almost 23,000 points per hour. No way.

    So what is the favorite exploit of these cheaters? Are they hacking the game to modify the points awarded? Are they downloading games in progress, and then reuploading to their iPod so that they’re always re-starting a game with an increasingly higher point total and a clean board?

    What’s the point of maintaining a scoreboard that’s littered with cheaters?

  14. Mark Says:

    Well I rewatched the instructional video and changed the way I play – it took a while.

    Now my high score is 35,000 – much better than the 16K I was sitting on.

  15. SimonSez Says:

    Why don’t you delete those “Ramu” scores? Even if you want to believe someone could really score 5 million, he/she has 5 scores that were all submitted within 20 minutes of each other. Come on…

  16. modstylez Says:


    I’d appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our iphone app iLightFarts


    I realize that you are iphone app guru 🙂 It’d be swell if you can place an honest review of our app.

    Thank you,

  17. Yaklub Says:

    First of all thanks for the game. It is addictive! Perfect balance between strategy and luck. Well designed. Unfortunately I just downloaded the latest software version for the iPhone and now when I play the game the progress bar towards the next level does not show. Of course I can always press on the button to see the score but it isn’t the same experience at all. I tried getting rid of the app and reinstalling it but that didn’t work. Perhaps this is an issue with other iPhone users? If so I hope there is an update to fix this. Thank you again!!!

  18. A few of the links on your site seem invalid. You should probably fix them 🙂

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