Lock ‘n’ Roll – iPhone Game


Lock N Roll 2 video November 29, 2009

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6 Responses to “Lock N Roll 2 video”

  1. Zig Says:

    I bought this game from iTunes & it doesn’t work…won’t show the dices 😦

  2. Confused Says:

    What was the point of Lock n Roll Pro?

    Surely releasing Lock n Roll 2 just upsets those that have bought ‘Pro’ because of the updates promised!

    What a great way of alienating people.

    • From iTunes:

      Currently the only difference in Lock “N” Roll Pro is

      AD Free
      You can turn shadow box On/Off
      You can submit scores automatically
      You will NOT lose your scores

      (thanks for all the positive feedback)

      the Point is to have an ad free experience

  3. nobody Says:

    Same problem here.

    Tried your steps above, to no avail.

    3G iPhone (one year old)
    OS Version 3.0.1

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