Lock ‘n’ Roll – iPhone Game


ENTER TO WIN FREE LOCK N ROLL.2 app for the iPhone November 21, 2009

Just leave a REPLY below

And you are automatically entered – all winners will be given promo codes within 3 days of iPhone app launch

“I love Lock n Roll” (scroll down and enjoy Elvis And Joan Jett while your typing)


21 Responses to “ENTER TO WIN FREE LOCK N ROLL.2 app for the iPhone”

  1. I Love Lock N Roll.. Please pick me

  2. Amy Collins Says:

    I love Lock n Roll!!! I’ve spent countless hours playing this game — I’m SOOOO glad version two is coming out!!!

  3. Sophia Says:

    I love Lock n Roll . . . whoya….

  4. Jonathan Says:

    more rolling, more locking. Woo Hoo!

  5. Cherice Says:

    Can’t wait to see this on my ipod!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Robin Says:

    Landscape Mode, YEA! and i like the new graphics… can’t wait!

  7. Tori Goodwin Says:

    I love lock n roll please pick me

  8. Darius Goodwin Says:

    Please pick me. This game rocks

  9. Anthony snelling Says:

    lock n roll high score is 20,000…i can not wait till the new one is out….please pick me

  10. I Love Lock N Roll.. Please pick me!!! Happy Holidays!

  11. Mike Says:

    One of the best and first games I bought for my iPhone! Can’t wait for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Steve Gowers Says:

    I have had & played the first edition of Lock ‘N’ Roll on my iphone since I got an iphone a year ago and it is still on my iphone & I play it regularly, as it one of my favourite games…. Simply brilliant.

  13. catina Says:

    I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED LOCK N ROLL…….Looking forward to Lock n Roll 2. No other game quite compares.

  14. Ben Orin Says:

    Based on the amount of hours I spent playing the original Lock ‘n’ Roll, the addition of Lock ‘n’ Roll 2 to my tweaker games menu will probably generate enough trial dice rolls to see if the psuedo-random number generator used is even close to actually random… but I digress [I was thinking of “the wall” or such, in the iPhone game 10,000 that logs communal dice rolls and posts stats online (how many 6-o-akinds did iPhone users roll since launch? etc…].

    … skip all that crap, Lock ‘n’ Roll 2 will rock! WooHoo!

  15. Denise Hale Says:

    I have never been so addicted to a game. I watch tv and play this game. At a stop light I’ll play the game. We go shopping….I’ll wait in the car and play the game….It’s terrible, and now I’m hoping to win lock n’ roll2….!!

  16. steven lo Says:

    Lock n Roll is a brilliant game! i play it everyday!!
    Looking forward for the Lock n Roll 2!!
    it’ll be amazing.

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